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If you’ve found yourself here, you’re most likely someone who desires to do far more than just drift through life, but create a life and career with a lasting ripple effect. Like most of the people who follow my content, you’re someone who desires excellence in every area of your life – not just your work or business.

Excellence in every area of our life doesn’t have to be complicated, it simply involves paying close attention to what you value and how you’ll commit and follow through.

Life Coaching

Business Coaching


Do you feel like you’re not where you could be? Do you feel like there might be something missing from your life, or, it’s there and you’re not seeing or embracing it properly? Maybe you’ve hit that place in life where you’re “supposed” to feel like you have it all but you find yourself feeling out of place. Life coaching is for those who seek to create the best life possible by developing vision and intentional balance in the areas of their life that matter the most, such as their relationship with God, their health, their finances and their relationships. Life coaching is for those who relentlessly seek to get everything out of this life they can, and to use it to affect and love those around themselves.

Are you a business owner, entrepreneur, sales professional, or determined action-taker looking to take things to the next level? Business coaching is for those who could “do it without” Austin, but are smart and humble enough to imagine the kind of time, money and energy that could be saved when teaming up with Austin.

Austin’s approach to business coaching is unlike any other; not only does he bring years of experience and success to the table, but a team and a toolbox of proven strategies that with your matched level of commitment to your personal success, will lead to new heights in your business (and personal) life.


Do you need a fresh set of eyes on a project or goal? Objective and experienced-based business and strategy perspective can produce serious results for your project.

Success Stories

"I literally thank God for Austin nearly everyday. He is such a great resource for me for all things business and life. I can't believe how much time I save just by listening to his recommendations on products, services, marketing ideas, ad planning, networking, etc. verses trying to research and implement myself. I always leave our weekly meetings with tons of inspiration and guidance for practical, actionable things to do to manage my business and grow it to it's highest potential. His flexibility is great; sometimes we chat by phone, sometimes we are a coffee shop, sometimes at my home office or his. It just works. How could you say "NO THANKS" to that? If you have the opportunity to work with Austin, by all means, DO SO!!!" - Meg Steen, Owner of Fineline Design, Kansas City, MO

April 27, 2017

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Why hire Austin?

Your life can become as good as you believe you deserve it to be.
Figure out the path and plan that brings you the greatest level of success.
Make powerful and lasting change based on what you value and desire.
Achieve your goals without neglecting the other areas of life, and most importantly, people, that mean the most to you.

How we're going to get you results:

It's not as complicated as you think - it just takes new perspective, strategy and accountability.

Let's work together.

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Business Tools

Sales funnels, advertising campaigns, custom websites, multi-media solutions, and more.

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Online Courses

Entry level to advanced online courses covering a range of topics specific to business and life coaching.

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