Life Coaching

Thank you for your interest in life coaching services with me.

If you’ve found yourself here, you’re most likely someone who desires to do far more than just drift through life, but create a life filled with purpose, meaning an significance. Like most of the people who follow my content, you’re someone who desires excellence in every area of your life.

Excellence in every area of our life doesn’t have to be complicated, it simply involves paying close attention to what you value and how you’ll commit and follow through.

I help people like you create lasting success in their personal life, especially in the areas of life that matter the most, such as:

  • Physical and emotional health
  • Relationships with family and friends
  • Spirituality and personal growth
  • Personal power and freedom

After years of success in business and in my personal life, I realized that I feel the most successful when I help others become successful both professionally, and personally. I love connecting with people who are action-takers, and want to create the exact life they desire. I help people just like you through accountability, proven strategy and systems I’ve learned and developed along the way.


I know it’s not always easy asking for “help” or counsel, but believe me, as someone who also invests in life coaching, I can promise you that it’s worth it.

Life coaching with me means we spend 1 on 1 time together working on the areas of your life that mean the most. We will see what’s happening now, assess where you want to be, put a plan into place, and unapologetically pursue serious results.

If creating an "epic life" was that easy, why doesn't everyone do it?

The key is that it’s not so easy; it takes intentional investment of time, energy, emotion and financial resources to get to where you want to be in life. However, when you have the right tools and people in your corner, everything you desire becomes completely possible.

It is my deepest passion to serve others; to help them realize that their life can be EXACTLY as they want it. Not just that it can be, but they deserve it as well.

See, our culture has taught us that if we look INWARD, and invest in our self, we’re being selfish.

And this is far from the truth. “When I work on me, I become a better WE”

See, if your goal is to “fill the cup of those around you”, how do you plan to do that when your cup, is empty, or barely contains anything at all(Personally or professionally)?

Effectively, the best way you serve those you love, is by first, taking care of you.

What is holding you back? What areas of your life are you struggling to create change in?

  • “I’m not happy at my job; I’ve lost my passion, or maybe I’m not doing what I was made to do”
  • “I love my career, but I want to become better at what I do”
  • “I want to start a business, but I’m not sure how”
  • “I want to work LESS, and make MORE money”
  • “I want to become better at sales, pricing myself and marketing/branding”
  • “I want to better leverage my time, resources, and energy”
  • “I want to grow or sale my business using tools that save me time, money and energy”


  • “I feel like my spouse and I have lost touch – I want to feel more connected again”
  • “I have a hard time forgiving myself”
  • “I have a hard time loving myself; I have a lot of guilt, and shame behind me”
  • “I want to become emotionally, physically, spiritually, and CREATIVELY healthy.”
  • “I have come to expect tragedy in my life; how do I get rid of this mindset?”
  • “I have reached the top and am left feeling depressed and lonely”

You’re not alone – I’ve had my struggles too. Believe me.

I know what it’s like to wrestle with what we call “The paralysis of analysis” – a fancy phrase for over-thinking and staying stuck because you’re afraid to move forward or “don’t know what you don’t know”. The good news is this: It is entirely possible to overcome these struggles and many others, and step into the freedom and joy that you were created to experience.

I’ve also wrestled with things like uncertainty, doubt, personal fear and more. For my entire professional life, I have never been a W2 employee. Every dime I have ever made has been as an independent contractor and business owner.  I have never known where “my next paycheck was coming from” other than finding my own ways to trade adding value to someone’s life and being compensated for it.

As an entrepreneur from age 12, I learned business the “hard way”. When I was 18 and the youngest real estate agent in the country, I had to overcome a lot of objections and trials – believe me. Years later, as the youngest broker anyone in my region had ever heard of, I took on a whole new set of objections and levels of uncertainty to overcome.

One huge lesson I learned during this season of my life was this: If I wasn’t going to bet on myself, who else would?

I had to learn that no matter what I faced or experience, that I would find a way to figure it out.

The good Lord brought me through many crazy seasons both professional and personally. By His grace, I have found myself married to my best friend and father to our beautiful children.

Imagine if we partnered up and combined our talents; what would we create together?

I coach and mentor many different types of individuals like you, and offer a unique, comprehensive approach to helping you grow as a person and take control of the changes you’d like to see take place:


I’ve developed what I call “The AGAPE™ System” which is centered around the following areas:

Alignment – Helping you understand what you’re aligned with, and what you’re not.

Growth/Goals – Helping you with personal growth, and measuring that growth through quantitative goals

Accountability – Helping you stay accountable to your  choices, goals, and action plans.

Productivity – Helping you become laser focused on the areas you seek growth and direction in.

Efficiency – Helping you get the maximum amount of results possible in the shortest period of time possible.

"I literally thank God for Austin nearly everyday. He is such a great resource for me for all things business and life. I can't believe how much time I save just by listening to his recommendations on products, services, marketing ideas, ad planning, networking, etc. verses trying to research and implement myself. I always leave our weekly meetings with tons of inspiration and guidance for practical, actionable things to do to manage my business and grow it to it's highest potential. His flexibility is great; sometimes we chat by phone, sometimes we are a coffee shop, sometimes at my home office or his. It just works. How could you say "NO THANKS" to that? If you have the opportunity to work with Austin, by all means, DO SO!!!" - Meg Steen, Owner of Fineline Design, Kansas City, MO

April 27, 2017

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