Project by project consulting means that we connect to solve one specific issue at a time, or bring you a specific result you’re seeking.

What are you working on? Do you need a second set of eyes? Some fresh perspective and strategy?

I love consulting for problems that frustrate you and hold you back from doing other things that matter more to you.

Austin has a proven track record of not only creating and developing success in his own life, but in the lives of his clients as well, utilizing skills such as:

  • Leadership
  • Sales, marketing, lead generation and objection handling.
  • Business scaling and growth strategy.
  • Organization, efficiency and productivity strategies.
  • Personal growth, awareness, mindfulness.
  • The ability to help others get deep and honest about their real blocks and resistance.


Don't just take my word for it...

"I literally thank God for Austin nearly everyday. He is such a great resource for me for all things business and life. I can't believe how much time I save just by listening to his recommendations on products, services, marketing ideas, ad planning, networking, etc. verses trying to research and implement myself. I always leave our weekly meetings with tons of inspiration and guidance for practical, actionable things to do to manage my business and grow it to it's highest potential. His flexibility is great; sometimes we chat by phone, sometimes we are a coffee shop, sometimes at my home office or his. It just works. How could you say "NO THANKS" to that? If you have the opportunity to work with Austin, by all means, DO SO!!!" - Meg Steen, Owner of Fineline Design, Kansas City, MO

April 27, 2017

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  • Austin was featured in a book about how to become a successful real estate agent, “Insider Secrets” by Cynda Rader.
  • Austin was featured in Business Innovators Magazine – Read the interview HERE.
  • Austin was featured on The Warrior Entrepreneur Podcast – Listen to the interview HERE.
  • Austin is a contributor for The Huffington Post – Read one of his latest articles  HERE
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  • Austin co-published a book called “The Daily Difference, Life Lessons Edition” which was featured as an Amazon Best Seller in 2017. You can purchase the book HERE