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"One HUGE factor that has helped me get past being a wantrepreneur and has shown me how to become a real entreprenuer is 1 on 1 business and life coaching from Austin J. Holt. Right now, I am solidly ON TRACK to my next goal of doing $10,000 per month in revenue and hiring 2 more employees. You can do this. It's gonna take drive and focus and humility, but you can do it. If Coach says jump, don't ask "how high", it's a waste of valuable time and energy, just jump. I highly recommend Austin and his services" - Cory Finley, Owner of

November 12, 2017

"I honestly feel like a different person than before we started working together, and that my friend is what I call IMPACT!" - Allison Cox, Owner of

November 12, 2017

"Austin has changed my business, my home and my SELF. The vastness of what I have learned cannot be measured. My life ran me, and now I am in charge. I can honestly say my business would have likely gotten into a burn-out state for me if I hadn't chosen to invest and believe in myself. I was ready to shut doors. Best decision I have ever made for myself. " - Kara Payton, Owner of KCM Studios

November 12, 2017

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A boost call is 15-30 minutes, designed to be a quick injection of business or life wisdom, strategy and tactics that you're looking for. Or who knows, maybe 15-30 minutes of encouragement, pep-talk and freak-out level energy is what you desire so you can crush that next sales call, meeting or presentation. Either way, I will take excellent care of you. These calls are 100% risk free - if you aren't 100% satisfied, you pay absolutely nothing. Warning: Boost calls can become extremely addictive!

Boost Call
Be as specific as possible. The goal of this call is not DISCOVERY, the goal is to give you actionable advice that will give you radical results.
*I cannot guarantee fitting you in at a moments notice, but if this is a true life/business emergency, I will do everything in my power to get on the phone with you. That is my promise!